07/01/2010 18:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

6 Tummy Friendly Post-Pregnancy Dresses

After nine months of increasingly uncomfortable outfits, you're probably dying to get back into a more 'normal' wardrobe, whilst maintaining a sense of practicality. Expensive cashmere is probably unwise near your newborn.

Thing is, most women (putting aside celebrity ladies with personal trainers) will still have a bit of a tummy for a while after giving birth. So what do we wear during this period?

If we put aside the added complication of breastfeeding for a while, which raises a few other wardrobe issues, my vote goes to the ever faithful leggings and dress option. Leggings have the give that jeans and trousers fail to offer, and a well-cut dress can flatter and slim any body shape.

The trick is to look for slightly looser styles which come in just under the bust, allowing the fabric to float over your tummy. This is somewhat of a challenge when faced with a high street full of bodycon Lycra dresses, but I've found a few flattering options.

The ASOS Frill Sleeve Fitted Waist Dress, £18, is flattering and available in a variety of colours. I've got a couple of these, and they definitely come in useful when you're feeling less than svelte.

Here are a few more yummy tummy dresses.

The ties at the front of this dress will make breastfeeding easier. Dorothy Perkins Blue Print Notch Neck Dress, £30.

Same goes for this Miss Selfridge Embellished Dress, £10 (down from £30).

This smock style dress can be cinched in with a thick waist belt for a curvy silhouette. Very Fearne Cotton Butterfly Print Dress, £49.

This Oli Vintage Bird Tunic, £25, skims over the tummy and thighs.

New Look Floral Print Dress, £28. Ultra-girly, this dress looks great with a slouchy thick knitted cardigan.