10/01/2010 17:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Couples Spend 40 Minutes A Day Arguing Over Chores

How much do you think you and your partner argue over cleaning the house? A recent study suggests Britons spend an incredible 40 minutes a day – the equivalent of ten days a year – fighting over household chores.

Niggles, like doing the washing up and cleaning the toilet, have led to 35 cited work as their biggest excuse, and 24 even blamed their pets.

Want to know what the top ten domestic disputes are?Top 10 Domestic Disputes:

1. Leaving clothes lying around the house (35).

3. Doing the washing up (24).

4=. Not taking the rubbish out (17).

7. Leaving the toilet seat up (10).

8=. Not emptying the dishwasher (9).

Source: Telegraph