13/01/2010 16:52 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

5 IPhone Apps For Parents: An Update

Anyone with an iPhone will know how inundated you can become with various apps claiming to help you make your life easier. So, during last year's summer, we rounded up the best five iPhone apps for parents.

In the article, we focused on apps for parents of babies. This year, I'm looking at apps to help anyone with kids from the age of two and up. All of these are available from the iTunes App Store.

Where's Wally (1.79p)

Or the app you need for long car journeys.

Who didn't love this book game as a child? Wally has had an Apple update with extra features including freezing and vibrating effects.

Cute Math (£1.19)

Or the app you need for a child genius.

Cute Math helps kids learn number sequences and addition and subtraction methods through a series of fun games.

iFirstAid Lite (Free)

Or the app that could save a life.

Whether your child has obtained a nasty scratch, a burn or drank something they shouldn't have, this app has all the information you need to deal with the problem.

Wheels on the bus (£0.59)

Or the app to get everyone singing in tune.

This app brings together all the best aspects of learning for kids, including sound effects and interactivity.

Toddler Flashcards (£0.59)

Or the app to help your toddler grasp vocabulary.

The app uses the age old concept of flash cards to help children learn basic words.