17/01/2010 17:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seven Cuddly Baby Dressing Gowns

TV adverts aimed at the parents of small children usually involve a giggling toddler sitting in a high chair, or an exhausted baby cuddled up in a dressing gown.

Comforting, warm and soft, dressing gowns are the ideal fabric to have against a child's sensitive skin, particularly after a bath. It's a simple way of making sure your baby or toddler remains warm this winter too.

Plus babies look so much cuter wrapped up in a towelling robe.

Fancy grabbing a dressing gown for your child? Check out these options.

3) Freespirit Hooded Supersoft Heart Robe, top middle,, £6 (in the sale)

  • 4) Minnie Mouse Fluffy Robe, top right, Mothercare, £14
  • 5) John Lewis Girl Flower Print Robe, bottom left, John Lewis, £18
  • 6) ASDA Star Dressing Gown, bottom middle, ASDA, £9
  • 7) Minileaves Girl's Bathrobe, bottom right,, £15