06/02/2010 03:05 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

ParentView: Ready, Steady GROW! Book

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? Snowdrops have been spotted, it's darker later and yes, there is a certain feeling of awakening.

Certainly for me there is. I can't wait to get outside with both my children and the ones I help to garden at my daughter's school. But I have to admit to sometimes struggling, particularly with the gardening club children, to find things to do.

Now though I think I've discovered the answer to my prayers inside the brightly coloured pages of a book containing "quick and easy gardening projects"."Ready, Steady, GROW!" by the Royal Horticultural Society is probably good for the five and overs, with its fun layout, clear explanations and great pictures.

But even if your little one is a bit smaller they'll get lots of fun out of helping mum and dad with the 30 projects which are picked to give fast results.

If you're already into gardening, some of the book will contain things you already know such as tips on how green your garden by encouraging wildlife and reusing plastic pots to protect plants.

Most of the projects are small and, with a bit of forward planning, easy enough to carry out in an afternoon both inside and out. There are a few that are larger and will need more adults' input but are still suitable for even the smallest gardens. In fact, many of the projects are for windowsills so no garden required!

I love this book mostly for the different ways it encourages children to grow vegetables. There are the traditional sprouting seeds in a jar, but also the idea of growing containers of oriental salad and a pizza garden, as well as a few recipes.

Most of the projects are small enough for children to have a go themselves and are appealing to both boys and girls. I can't wait to try out the magic beans pot with my club children as well as the garden buddy.

As for my five-year-old, I think she'll be choosing a spot for a fairy ring this weekend, as long as she leaves room for her younger brother's teepee, which he's spied in the book.

ParentView Score: 5/5

"Ready, Steady, GROW!" is available from Amazon priced £8.99.