25/02/2010 07:47 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

ParentView: UltraBody Healthy Snacking Range For Children

Given the option, I suspect most children would reach for a chocolate bar over a healthy piece of fruit any day. Finding a snack that fulfils the nutritional needs of your child, including those elusive five-a-days, whilst still tantalising their tastebuds is a tough task.

UltraBody hope to have the answer with their range of fruit-based snack bars.

The range of bars includes a selection of Fruitus Smoothie bars, Grizzly bars and the Kidz Snacking Range. They've kindly sent some over for us to test out.

Here's what we thought of these lunchbox snacks:The bars, small enough to fit in a lunchbox or coat pocket, come in a variety of flavours. The Fruitus Smoothie Bars are only 74 calories for a yoghurt-covered fruit bar. These were the clear favourites, thanks to their varied flavours, and they also provide one of their five a day.

The Grizzly bars offered a fruit hit and a chewy texture in flavours like apricot and honey, banana and sultana, and blackcurrant and apple. These ones seemed to be especially beneficial when it comes to your kids needing an energy hit around study time. They're also great breakfast substitutes thanks to their cereal content.

Parents with a concern for organic ingredients will like the Kidz Snacking range, as it's created out of 100% organic fruit and it's free from the usual gluten and dairy products. This is another chewy bar that packs one of your five a day in.

Overall, the bars proved to be really popular. The natural sugars in the bars were just enough for the kids, and the cute packaging was appealing too. You can buy the range from the UltraBody website.

ParentDish vote: 4/5