26/02/2010 11:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Green Stuff And Allergies


I don't believe mum and dad really like eating spinach. How can anyone like spinach? It's disgusting! Mum says I should eat some because it will make me big and strong like Popeye, which would be cool but it really makes me want to be sick. A lot. I'm never going to eat it in my whole life. Ever.

Emily at kindergarten says that if you eat carrots you can see in the dark like a cat. My cat doesn't seem to like carrots though but she can see in the dark so I don't understand that either. Mum says tomatoes are good for us and I should try them. They are horrible. I said if they are good for me then I should have lots of tomato ketchup on my chips to make them healthy but that wasn't right either.

Last night we had tapioca and that made me want to puke too. It looked like frog's eyeballs but at least it wasn't gr een. Emily from kindergarten is allergic to peanuts so she's not even allowed to touch them. That is so cool. I want to be allergic to food that is green, or a vegetable, or healthy. Except green Gummi Bears. I like them. I think I would also like to be allergic to tidying my room but Emily reckons you can't have allergies like that.

Why doesn't chocolate make you strong and help you see in the dark? It's not fair. Anyway, Emily from kindergarten's dad is a chemist and he invents stuff. When I'm old like him I'm going to be a chemist too and invent chocolate-flavoured vegetables and then I'll have loads of friends.

Or maybe an astronaut.

Or a train driver.

But NOT a princess.