26/02/2010 11:18 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

I'm 5 And This Is My Diary: Glasses


Katie next door has to wear glasses now. They are new and they're purple with butterflies on. She said she was allowed to choose which ones she wanted and she has an extra pair with fish on them. They are really cool.

I think I want glasses.

She let me try them on but everything went all swimmy and weird and I felt a bit sick so now I don't want glasses anymore.

She says she had a special test at the eye doctor's. He had a poster with lots of pictures on and she had to tell him what they were. Some were really big and some were tiny. Didn't sound very fair though because Katie said about half way down there were no pictures just splotches of black paint. Then she had to look into a machine that looked like a monster with lots of eyes!

Auntie Doris wears glasses too but they look different. She calls them her specs. I think she mustn't have much money because they are cut in half. They are always slipping down her nose and she looks over the top of them a lot. Most of the time they are hanging round her neck on a gold chain so I don't think she really needs them either.

Grandpa's are really thick and they make him look like the owl in my book. He says he's blind as a bat without them. That makes sense because my brother's cricket bat doesn't even have eyes so it must be blind.

If I ever get glasses I want ones with frogs on.

Frogs are cool.