02/03/2010 21:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Eight Alice In Wonderland Inspired Toys

The film of the year so far, Alice in Wonderland, has finally arrived in UK cinemas after a huge build up from film-goers and fans of the classic novel alike.

Even if you're not really a film fan, you can't have failed to see all the Alice in Wonderland merchandise popping up all over the place in celebration of this childhood classic.

This new adaption of the film looks a lot darker than the original Disney cartoon adaption, and that's unsurprising given that Tim Burton is in the director's chair. It does seem like a shame though that a lot of younger children will be missing out on the film due to some of these darker elements.

However, with World Book Day tomorrow, why not read the original Alice in Wonderland story to your kids? It's a magical story that children love, and the original Disney film tends to be a winner too.

Have your kids got the Alice in Wonderland bug? We've rounded up some of the best Alice in Wonderland products including a personalised version of the novel.