17/03/2010 21:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five Of The Best Soaps For Kids

Children seem to have a magnetic draw towards anything messy. Whether it's drawing on the wall with permanent markers, finding the muddiest part of your garden to splash about in or playing with their food, they're going to need to clean up afterwards.

Getting them to embrace soap and water can be boring, but it's a necessity. Novelty soaps are one way of encouraging them to rinse their hands or enjoy a bath.

Lush obviously have a huge number of bath bombs, soaps and shower gels. The majority are aimed at adults (although most suitable for children) but they do have one specific product for kids. The Lush Ickle Baby Bot, (£1.75) fizzes away in the bath, getting your child clean and sending them to sleep with the soothing fragerence.

Prefer soap to a bath bomb? Have a look at these alternative options.