18/03/2010 12:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

ParentView: Momma By Tomy, Fancy Feeding Gear For Yummy Mummies

I admit it, I've been totally won over by mOmma from Tomy. The new range of "developmental feeding products" has more than a whiff of Alessi about it and I like to think I'm not impressed by designer gear. But the combination of kooky looks, bright colours and clearly quite clever ergonomic design has left me hankering for a complete set.

Everything about the range has clearly been very carefully thought out, with bottles, plates and cutlery all designed to be un-tippable thanks to their rounded bottoms.

For those slow eaters, the Warm Plate can be filled with warm water so that food doesn't go cold so quickly, while the chunky cutlery makes for easy gripping.
If forced to complain about anything in this range, it's simply that the squat design of the bottles means that storing them in the cupboard requires more space than normal and I'd like the Wash Brush to have a flat end so I can stand it up to dry off. But as far as complaints go, they're both pretty forgivable!

This is definitely the sort of range you can imagine the Bugaboo brigade buying, but the prices aren't too horrifying. If you're looking for baby shower gifts, the Meal set (£14.99) or Drink set (£29.99) are a great option.

In short, it's a lovely range of very nicely designed products and it makes a refreshing change from all the dull baby bottles out there.