26/03/2010 11:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A 5-Year-Old: Kermit Is Not A Real Frog

The frogs in our garden have woken up and got out of bed. They sleep in the winter because they don't like cold weather. My mummy doesn't like cold weather either but she stays awake. They don't have an alarm clock or anything, they just know. Yesterday me and Emily were playing really loud in the garden so maybe we woke them up. It must be really boring sleeping all that time because they don't get to play in the snow or anything.

Our frogs have to be careful because the cat wants to play with them all the time. She plays a bit too rough though. I think she likes it when they jump. I don't think frogs like cats very much. I like playing with them too. Yesterday I caught seven in a jam jar and me and Emily had frog races in the garden. When we play leap frog in the kindergarten we always jump straight but real frogs jump all over the place.

Frogs feel slimy which is brilliant. I wanted to keep one as a pet but mummy said it would get a bit bored without its friends in the bath.

Emily from kindergarten said her mummy said some people eat frog's legs! I think it's people in France or maybe China.

Frog's legs must be even more horrible than broccoli and spinach. Daddy always says I should try different foods before I say I won't eat them but I am never going to eat frog's legs. Never ever.

Kermit the Frog doesn't look much like a real frog. He's really big and I don't think the cat would want to play with him. Also, he is green and our frogs are all a browny colour.

Frogs are dead cool.