01/04/2010 04:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Madonna Seems Just Like Any Other Mum

Who would have thought that pop icon Madonna is, in actual fact, just like mothers everywhere? Not me. It seems one of the most famous women on the planet has the same parental worries as the rest of us.

I find it comforting that she wants her daughter Lourdes to focus on her school work and not be distracted. Now doesn't that sound familiar to parents of teens?

So it would seem Madge and mothers everywhere have lots in common. If you discount her success, amazing body, that coffee table book called "Sex", oh yes, and her 23-year-old Brazilian boyfriend.

She even admits to a few 80's hair disasters. Ah, that must be where our similarities end...

Madonna has turned her hand to fashion design once again, launching a junior clothing line called Material Girl with her daughter, nicknamed Lola.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press she revealed that she's hesitant about letting her daughter into the spotlight: "I feel like she needs to get into high school and focus on her studies, her lessons. She got into the high school of the performing arts. She has a lot of work to do. I don't want her to be distracted."

Goodness, I would imagine it would be pretty hard not to be distracted if your mother's Madonna. Especially by cool things like helping to design clothing ranges.

Working with her daughter Lola made her look at the youngster in a different way: "I see her more as a creative person, as an artist and less as my daughter as we are working, and then every once and a while I remembered she is my daughter."

It seems the 51-year-old pop star is feeling a bit...well, uninteresting in comparison to her 13-year-old daughter: "I am boring, basically. She reminds me of me when I was younger.

"She just goes for it and tries different things. It doesn't look like she thought too much about it. That is how I used to be, but after years and years of everybody commenting on the way I look and dress and being photographed, one starts to become self-conscious and starts to plan things more."

I wonder if she's wishing she planned her clothes and make-up a little more back at the beginning of her career in the 80s, a decade not noted for it's stylish fashion. Apparently she does.

"I think I had a lot of bad hair moments. In the early '80s, just sometimes I wore purple lipstick or green lipstick, " she said.

Source (ParentDish US)