18/05/2010 15:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Real Life Story: I Nearly Went Two Weeks Overdue!

Sarah Bodill gave birth to her third baby, Willow Rose, earlier this year at City Hospital in Nottingham.

You didn't go into labour this time by your due date, did you?
No, I went into hospital to be induced 12 days over my due date. They started the induction at nine in the evening on the 30th of March and sent me up to the ward to sleep.

Were you worried about being induced?

Justin, my son, was overdue by seven days but he wasn't induced. Then Phoebe, my first daughter, was induced nine days early. My hind waters had broken and they didn't want to risk infections. Induction isn't very nice but by that point in this pregnancy (I was 12 days over with severe SPD) I would have done anything to get Willow out!

So what happened next?
At 1.00am I started having some mild contractions that were about eight minutes apart - and by 4.30am they were getting a lot stronger. I asked the midwife to check how things were going, she said that I was seven to eight centimetres dilated so she took me straight to the labour suite and Willow was born at 5.35am! Everything went to plan, I was only in the labour suite for one hour before she arrived and I only pushed for a couple of contractions.

What were the staff like?
The staff were really lovely. Our midwife was very relaxed and it helps when you have someone who makes you feel comfortable.

And your birth partner?
My partner Russ was my birth partner, I rang him at 4.30am to tell him to get to the hospital and he got there in about 20 minutes but then because he had rushed out of bed and raced to the hospital he wasn't feeling too great. He had to go and get some water and fresh air!! But when he came back in he was great. He was also very relaxed and kept getting me drinks and had bought me some chocolate.

Did you have any pain relief?
I just had gas and air (this is what I did with the other two as well). I don't think that gas and air provides much pain relief, but I think it gives you something to concentrate on when the contractions come.

Did you write a birth plan?

I didn't have a birth plan, the only thing I didn't want was an epidural. I wasn't nervous this time because third time around you know the drill!

And how did you feel when Willow was born?
Good but rather shaky! I think because it was so fast and in the middle of the night, I was really tired. I just rested in the labour suite for an hour or so feeding Willow and eating toast then I was a lot better.

When did you introduce her to her big brother and sister?
Justin and Phoebe were at nursery in the morning. We left the hospital about five hours after she was born and went across to my mum's house while Russell fetched them from nursery and bought them to my mum's to see us.

Would you do it again?
Yes but I wouldn't have such a small gap next time because having three under five means more toddlers than hands and that is hard work!