19/05/2010 23:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Keep Your Kids Germ-Free Whilst Shopping

Personally, I'm a big believer that a little bit of dirt and mess (emphasis on 'a little') can be good for a child growing up. There's even scientific evidence that suggests that it can help you heal faster.

But there are times when you're out and about and you might want to embrace a bit of cleanliness. One area to do this in is the weekly shop, an area often forgotten. Pop your toddler in the seat and they're inches away from a whole variety of germs on the handles of your shopping trolley.

If you're concerned about germs, there is a product that might be able to provide them with the protection you want.

The Infantino Cart Tunes Jungle Jam with Microban (Amazon, £11.99)The detachable cover goes over the handle of your shopping trolley, protecting your son or daughter from nasty germs. It's covered in Microban, a substance that has an antibacterial substance to kill any bugs that might get in contact.

The cover also includes some attached toys to keep them entertained during the long weekly shop.

I see the benefits of this cover, but I don't know how likely it would be that a busy mum would always remember to pack this bag or have it in their car. I think I'd also feel a bit daft dragging it to the supermarket every time I went, but others might disagree.

What do you think? Great idea or just one more thing to pack.