27/07/2010 13:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mother's Little Helper: A Great Present For New Mums (Update: Get A 10% Discount With ParentDish!)

The women in my family all appear to suffer from the same affliction: we can't resist the urge to start home improvement works just as we enter the third trimester.

Clearly, there's something wrong with our brains, but we're not alone. Nesting can do funny things to a girl, which is why The Handy Squad's new "Mother's Little Helper" package is such a brilliant idea.

If you need help assembling cots, fitting baby gates, painting the nursery, putting up shelves, or doing any other jobs round the house that are driving you demented, the Handy Squad will send a handyman round.
I tested out the service, getting my (friendly, polite, uniformed) handymen to fix some broken chairs that were threatening to collapse, and a door knob that had come loose. He was punctual, speedy, fully CRB-checked and incredibly handy.

If you're stuck for gift ideas and you've got a friend who's starting going a bit batty with crazed nesting activity, treat her to a half-hour visit from the Handy Squad and she'll thank you forever.

A half-hour visit costs £20 + VAT, with a £20 + VAT call-out charge. Find out more on the Handy Squad website.

[Update: The Handy Squad just got in touch to offer ParentDish readers 10% off their next purchase until the 31st August ! Just use the discount code PDISH2607]