28/07/2010 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

What To Buy For Your New Baby

When you have a baby you have to find space for lots of new bits and pieces around the home. Here are a few items to consider when you are shopping in anticipation of your newborn's arrival...

A bed

A baby coming home from hospital will need somewhere to sleep. It's up to you whether you decide to buy a Moses basket or just go straight for a bigger cot.

One benefit of having a Moses basket is that you can keep it downstairs for daytime naps until she gets too big, but it isn't really a necessity.

You can pick out some cute baby bedding too, to match your pretty new nursery curtains.

A chair

It's nice to let babies sit up to have a look around the room instead of just lying looking at the ceiling all day, so we recommend looking at rocking or bouncing chairs for the new addition to your family.

Most can be used from birth and babies usually love them!


Don't go too crazy here because if your friends and family are going to buy your new arrival presents, many will probably buy cute little outfits for the little man.

You don't want to end up with so many new baby sized babygrows that half of them never get worn. Also, if you have a bigger baby, those tiny clothes may only fit for a fortnight, or not at all!

Just get in a few basics to begin with; some neutral coloured babygrows if you don't know whether you are having a girl or a boy, and a coat and hat or snowsuit if it is cold outside.


Here again, beware of stocking up on stuffed animals and then being innundated with more cuddly teddies and rabbits than you know what to do with once the baby is here.

Just pick out one or two nice toys – maybe a play mat or a mobile, and that will easily be sufficient.

New babies really don't care very much about toys for a while anyway. Getting to know mum and dad provides enough interest and entertainment for a few weeks.


You'll need these. And muslin cloths, and bibs! You'll need all these pieces of material for your baby to be wrapped in and wiped with, and to protect her clothes and your clothes from baby sick!


You'll need to buy a stock of newborn nappies of course. If you are planning on using disposables you'll need wipes, nappy bags, and nappy cream.

You will need a changing bag as well, to carry all this new stuff around with you. See our review of the best changing bags.
Plus you'll need a changing mat or a table.

Changing tables have a limited lifespan, as once babies start to wriggle and roll over it's much safer to change their nappies on the floor. However, they do make baby changing easier on your back, so think about whether it is worth the investment.

If you plan to use reusable nappies you'll need a nappy bucket and others items depending on which nappy you choose.

We'd recommend buying a trial pack with a few different types of reusable nappy before committing to any one brand.


Even if you plan to breastfeed you will probably decide to buy in a couple of bottles for emergencies, or for using when the baby is older.

You'll need a steriliser and sterilising tablets or liquid, teats, bottles, a bottle brush. You'll also need to buy some milk, or a breastpump!

You might want to get a nice new comfortable chair for feeding the baby. Many mums like rocking chairs for this purpose.

If you plan to use one, buy a few dummies too.

Going out

You will need a pram or a sling to take your baby out and about.

There are hundreds of each to choose from, so picking the type that is right for your family will probably take at least an entire afternoon out at the shops.

Don't forget to stop for a rest and a drink while you are in town, you need to keep up your energy!

You will also need to buy a car seat as well. Get your car seat fitted properly and try it in your car before you buy. Not all seats fit all cars.

Find some window shades for the car and something to keep the sun off baby while in the pram.

Parasols can be flimsy, so we'd advise buying a canopy or sun shade instead. You'll need a raincover too.

A bath

You will need to be able to give your baby a wash, but while he is still small you can easily manage in a normal washing up bowl to be honest!

A bath thermometer will perhaps set your mind at rest that you are getting the water temperature right.

A baby monitor

You may not use it at first but a baby monitor is very useful once your baby starts to sleep for longer periods of time and you leave her upstairs in his bedroom in the evenings while you have dinner.

If you are in a single-level flat you will probably hear her crying anyway of course, so don't bother with this one!

Finally, you will probably need to buy a new chest of drawers, to keep all these things in! Happy shopping!