30/07/2010 13:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Women On Top - Is It The End Of The Great Pay Divide?

The gender pay gap seems to be closing at last, and gender role reversal becoming more the norm - at least if the findings of a new survey are anything to go by.

According to figures just out, one in 10 working mums have a house-husband, and 57 per cent of women 'no longer expect their man to be the main breadwinner'.

And with nearly half of women earning as much - or even more - than their men, the pay divide appears to be getting narrower, with 30 per cent of women earning 'more' than their partner, with a fifth (19 per cent) earning the same.

The survey, commissioned by Grazia magazine, also found that 87 per cent of women think they are 'just as gifted at business as men', with eight per cent claiming they are 'more gifted'.

The research, conducted on 4,000 women with an average age of 36, examined how women's attitudes to work and business are changing. Ambition and determination amongst respondents was high, with more than half (56 per cent) saying they are either 'determined to get to the top' or 'determined to reach a higher level than they're on now'.

Out of the mums polled, two-thirds (67 per cent) worked either 'full' (30 per cent) or 'part-time' (37 per cent) with only 23 per cent being 'full-time mums'.

Successful businesswomen were much admired by the respondents, with Mary 'Queen of Shops' Portas coming out top, closely followed by JK Rowling, Stella McCartney, and the founder of Net-a-Porter, Natalie Massenet.

Only 11 per cent of the women surveyed wanted to 'stop work completely' and half questioned said their jobs made them feel worthwhile.

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