04/08/2010 15:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Slugs, Snails And Puppy Dog Tales: A Zimmer Frame By Any Other Name

It's always struck me how similar toddlers and the very old can be.

Both can sit for hours transfixed by mind numbing television.

I am sure In the Night Garden has the same effect on tiny minds as Countdown does on the semi senile.

Both have trouble with solid food, and require a good wipe down after every meal, and both have trouble mastering the one foot in front of the other motion required for walking.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise the speed with which Jonah has adopted the infant version of the Zimmer frame, the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker.

The primary colours and, teeth grindingly annoying little tunes it plays notwithstanding, this is nothing more than a baby version of the OAP walking device.

The key difference is that while the Zimmer frame sees the elderly shuffle along the streets, slippers barely whipping up a sprinkle of dust, Jonah and his walker could give Schumacher a run for his money.

He may be too scared to walk without his prop, but with it he dashes around the house, manic grin wide as he thwacks it into walls, siblings and anything else that gets in his way.

Yesterday he did realise the limits of his new toy though, when he tried to take it downstairs. Over he tumbled, luckily into my waiting arms (or else we would undoubtedly have spent the rest of the day in A&E), the walker flying gracefully over his head and down the rest of the stairs.

His brush with disaster hasn't put him off though and the next day as I pace the kitchen restoring order to the after breakfast chaos, he rams the little yellow frame into my calves and runs over my toes with its red wheels, giggling all the while.

If only he could find such fun in walking unaided, we would all be laughing.