06/08/2010 06:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Strop Of The Week: But I Want One

Strop Scene:

Kindergarten entrance. Start of day, 8.00am. Multitude of hovering parents (nothing better to do?). Full compliment of "professional" kindergarten teachers.

Strop Cause:

Refusal to buy Stropper a horse whilst Stropper was in Kindergarten that day. Stropper did attempt to hone up skills of compromise before strop hit full tilt, by suggesting that it would be okay if the said steed were purchased after the weekly supermarket run but before end of day. Stropper also did say please.

Strop Symptoms:

Bottom lip wobble followed by the "Big Lip". Slight foot stamping. Moderate level crying. Sitting on floor. Arm crossing. Brow furrowing. Lots of sentences starting with "But..."

Strop Solution:

Initial scan of immediate surroundings in order to assess unavoidable, clearly advancing Dismay Factor Percentage. Rudimentary endeavor to stay under radar and quietly reason with Stropper. Purchase of large equine species not really an option at this moment in time ( "or indeed ever" mumbled under breath). Lack of success leading to tough love approach. Flat turn down. In retrospect ill advised comment about the stupidity of initial request. Increase of strop symptoms. Number of milling parents seemingly multiply. Stropper distracted and removed from scene by competent looking "professional". Stropper's mother pretty sure she was on the receiving end of derisory, over-the-shoulder glance and tutting action.

Dismay Factor Percentage:

High. Probably 90 mother-pride.

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