10/08/2010 12:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Achtung Baby Or Come On...Erm..

I like football and, according to my friend, I'm starting to get "inappropriately excited" about The World Cup later this month. Finje, has no clue that I'm a football fan any more than she is aware of my love for Steve McQueen films, seventies cops & robbers series', The Clangers or sadly Germany's Next Top Model (I hang my head in shame). She is blissfully oblivious of my questionable taste in entertainment as we don't watch television so she has no evidence with which to blackmail me l ater. My daughter is four years old, has no siblings and we live in the back of beyond. So how can it be that she, over the last few weeks has made repeated requests for a football kit?

Not that I care a jot you understand. Indeed, I'd admit to being somewhat proud but where did that come from? My husband hasn't played since he was a teenager, I don't play (only in my dreams) and apparently none of her peers in kindergarten, even the lads are seriously into The Beautiful Game.

She's always been a bit of a tomboy, which I was too to be fair. Still am a bit (scuffs shoes and shuffles). For some reason probably Freudian, I feel a swell of pride when she dismisses the Hello Kitty, baby pink, fluffy whatnots for her Lego, little Roary the Racing Car, or lately, a football. Well to be precise, Christian's old volleyball but she's clueless.Clearly not wishing to stifle such zeal but also knowing how fickle four year olds can be EBay was my first stop but it provided me with a mini dilemma. Which kit? This will be my third World Cup here in Deutschland and therefore the third time that I will doubtless repeatedly be asked the question, "Who will you be supporting?" It's not a difficult question for me.

EBay failed me. What to do? Deutschland or England? Or maybe go down the neutral route, Cameroon? I plumped for Deutschland in the end as Lidl were doing a special offer for €6.99. Always a sucker for a bargain.

As for Finje, who is coming to terms her dual nationality at her own (very) leisurely pace had no qualms whatsoever about which team she will be supporting. "Well if Germany win I'll support Germany and if England win I'll support England. Ja das ist gut!".

Not a million miles away from my sentiments. Now onto explaining the off-side rule....