10/08/2010 11:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A 5 Year Old: Bog

My dog's name is "Bog".

I got him years and years ago when I was one and a half and that's how I said dog. I think it's a good name. Dad says it's a perfect name for hi m.

Bog is my best friend. He is not a Labrador or a Poodle or a Bulldog or a little Chew-wow-wow thingy. Bog is mixed up. Mummy says I shouldn't really say that but dad says that's right.

Bog can't talk like me but I understand him. I think he understands me better than mummy and daddy too. Sometimes when we go walking with Bog I let my friend Emily from Kindergarten hold his lead because she only has a Goldfish and fish don't have legs and are boring.

When we go on holiday my cousin looks after Bog and I always have to tell her lots of things about Bog. I don't like holidays without him but he's not allowed onto airplanes. That's not fair because I think he would like it.

I made a list for my cousin:

1) You can't trust Bog to watch your food while you go to the toilet
2) It's never worth trying to wash Bog
3) You can't hide him under the bed
4) His breath still smells stinky even after you give him a tic tac
5) You never get away with feeding him broccoli, spinach or lettuce
6) If he jumps up on your bed he always starts to chase his tail
7) He gives a paw when you ask him but not if you try and show your friends
8) He doesn't seem to like wearing a saddle
9) Sometimes his legs go running when he is asleep
10) Bog will run faster if he sees a cat then when you throw him a ball


11) I am having him back when I come home from holiday.