10/08/2010 12:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: Skool

School is actually good. My teacher is called Mrs Thompson and she is really nice. It was a bit hard at first because most of my friends from kindergarten can't start school yet. It's because I'm old for my age. Emily started too though because she is old like me. But it doesn't matter because we've made lots of new friends.

One of my friends is called Peter. He is in Mr Lester's class because he is older than me and Emily. He told me some important stuff I need to know about school. I think he might be a bit naughty but he's funny too.

These are the things he said we should know about school:

If you push a piece of chalk into the board duster it makes the teacher quite angry.

Never ever mess with the headmistress.

If the teacher is angry about something it's best not to ask to go to the toilet.

The boy's toilets stink but the girl's toilets don't.

When Miss Adams gets mad she doesn't blink.

Mr Atack seems really scary at the beginning but he is actually the best teacher in the school.

If you don't like the dinner, say you have toothache and they won't make you eat it.

I haven't told dad and mummy about Peter yet.