10/08/2010 15:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Diary Of A Five-Year-Old

Emily in Kinde rgarten says her dad is the strongest in the world. But my dad can carry me and Emily on his shoulders at the same time without making any grunty noises like that lady who plays tennis. It's important to be strong in case you need to pick up a car or arm wrestle someone or open the Marmite jar. If you are strong you have big muscles like Popeye but he has to eat spinach and that's yukky.

Policemen are strong but firemen are even stronger. They have to carry smokey people down ladders.

Mummy says there are different ways to be strong. She says she has to be very strong when she opens a bar of chocolate or a packet of biscuits! Don't really know what she means though.

Elephants are really strong because they are massive and have loads of muscles and can carry stuff with their noses. But ants are strong too because they can carry things heavier than they are which is really cool.

Anyway, I wanted to know which is the strongest a dog or a cat. Mummy said it depends. She always says that though, it really bugs me. We talked about it a lot and decided that a dog is probably stronger unless it's a little "chewy-how-how" dog but cats are more dangerous to each other because they have very sharp claws. Our cat is really dangerous when you try to put her in the bath but the dog loves it.

On the way to kindergarten yesterday I was thinking about dogs and cats. I said to mummy,

"So which is stronger, a dog or a fireman with a cat?"

She still hasn't told me.