27/08/2010 14:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Triumph Inspiration Award 2010: Place Your Votes

Triumph entries by Isabella Newell for Great Britain and Canada's Justin Singh
Entries by Isabella Newell for Great Britain and Canada's Justin Singh. Photos courtesy of Triumph

Underwear can be pretty, sexy or practical - but cutting edge? That's a tough one to pull off. Not so for the designers that have created pieces for Triumph's 2010 Inspiration Award. The shortlist comprises 27 designers, each respresenting their own respective country. Pieces were created around the theme 'Shape Sensation' - and the results are a million miles away from the lingerie that lurks in our cupboards.

Our favourites include Canada representative Justin Singh's cage-like structure (so very Gaga) and Irish shortlister Suzanne Ferncombe's insane muscle man bra, helpfully entitled If I Were A Boy, while Isabella Newell's Circus Freaks does the Brits proud.

The brand say it's an "unparalleled opportunity to explore the world and structure of shape. Gain a fresh perspective, play with proportions, experiment with silhouettes, examine fit and flow, stretch creativity, bend boundaries – and maybe even shape the future." These creations may shape the future, but we'd be hard pushed to wear them under a T-shirt and jeans in the present.

The age-defying Helena Christensen has been shot by Rankin modellingall 27 shortlisted designs - look out for the images, which will be released next week. The Triumph 2010 Inspiration Award final will take place in London on 16th September.

Voting ends August 31st - pick your favourite here.