31/08/2010 17:07 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: Thinking About Stuff

Today it rained. A lot. Here are some things I thought about because I couldn't go outside to play:

When you a baby, do your teeth start off in your toes and work their way up to your mouth?

Why can't we use electric eels to switch on light bulbs?

If it rained milk we wouldn't need cows would we?

Why is it called "bearfoot" when you don't wear socks? It it because bears don't wear shoes because that makes sense?

How can I get Emily to push the button on Peter's fire engine that says "FIRE" to see if it actually sets on fire?

If you get babies from the baby section in the supermarket why haven't I seen any?

What do fish and dolphins and sharks do if they can't swim? Oh and sea lions?

Are clouds spaceships?

Why don't thumbs taste like chocolate?

What was it like before the world changed colour?

Hope it's not raining tomorrow.