31/08/2010 14:19 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

DIY Bootcamp: Grab A Friend And Get Going!

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Boot camps are a celeb staple for shifting a few pounds, toning up and getting seriously fit. But most come with a celeb-style price tag too. Luckily, you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds to eat porridge and be shouted at by an instructor when you can recreate the perfect boot camp at home.

Just grab a friend, stock up on healthy foods and get going! And you won't have to get up at 6am to go jogging in the rain. Well, not unless you really want to...

Healthy shopping
Boot camps can seem outrageously expensive, especially when you're only eating tiny portions of food at every meal. To go it alone, stock up on a day's worth of healthy food before you start so you're not tempted by takeaways later. Your list should include lemons, carrots, broccoli, chicken or fish, yoghurt, feta, eggs and wholemeal bread.

Make soup
Cook up a vat of delicious soup in advance by adding chopped onion, garlic and carrots to a little vegetable oil and frying for five minutes. Then stir in lentils, add water to cover, and simmer for thirty minutes. Add pepper and lemon juice to taste.

Hot lemon
When you get up, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a cup and add boiling water. Fans claim it can kick-start your metabolism and it provides vital rehydration too.

Start the day positively by performing some yoga stretches before breakfast. Try a seated forward bend, to improve flexibility and stretch your back. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, bending at the hips, and bring your torso parallel with your legs, letting your hands rest gently on your legs or feet.

Protein is essential if you're increasing your exercise levels. Have scrambled or poached eggs with spinach and grilled mushrooms. And forget about a calorific cappuccino - switch to rooibos (red bush) or green tea instead.

Keep well hydrated by drinking two litres of water throughout the day. You don't have to splash out on expensive mineral water, as normal filtered water will do the same job.

Team work
Arrange to meet a friend and get exercising. Try outdoor activities such as jogging or cycling in your local park. Your friend is great for motivation, but if you need an extra boost try signing up for a charity run together.

After a workout, give your body a treat with a delicious pitta salad. Mix together cooked chicken or cubed feta cheese, cucumber, cooked beetroot, avocado, tomatoes and lettuce with a spoonful of olive oil and lemon juice. Serve with toasted and sliced wholemeal pitta bread.

Walk it off
Spend the afternoon walking. Whether you decide to hit the shops or the hills, two hours of reasonably brisk walking can help a 10 stone woman burn around 600 calories. You could even buy some fitness gear as an incentive to keep going.

Keep supper simple – start with a bowl of the lentil soup you prepared earlier. Then have some grilled chicken or fish with a baked sweet potato or brown rice, served with steamed broccoli, cabbage and carrots. Finish with some yoghurt and a cup of herbal tea.

Sleep tight
Sleep is essential for the repair of muscles and tissues in the body. After plenty of exercise, your body needs a good eight hours in order to recharge itself. Hit the sack early and congratulate yourself on completing boot camp!