01/09/2010 02:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Vivienne Westwood Unveils Shoe Retrospective At Selfridges

Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood/Selfridges

Oh to walk a mile in Vivienne Westwood's shoes, or perhaps more accurately, to own her shoe closet. Today British fashion's Grande Dame unveils an exhibition of her footwear creations, spanning her entire fashion career and boasting close to 200 designs.

The exhibition at Selfridges, entitled Vivienne Westwood Shoes - an Exhibition 1973-2010, showcases pieces from the designer's archive, including the 1981 Pirate Boots, the nurse-inspired six inch heel Mary Janes and the breathtakingly high Super Elevated Gillie platform shoes from which Naomi Campbell took that infamous catwalk topple in 1993. Also on display are shoes from the plastic fantastic Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa collaboration, which has been going strong since its launch in 2008.

"The important thing about shoes is: shoe design is one of the great things we've got left", Westwood explained to MyDaily."Dress design isn't so good, generally speaking. But, you know you break your ankle if people don't design you a proper pair of shoes. They have to be done properly. There's a lot of care and attention goes into shoe design."

But Westwood isn't exactly known for her sensible shoes – she believes that shoes are the ultimate fetish object: "Shoes are sexy. I mean, everything has to be sexy. That's what my job is."

"I'm not one of those people who likes the 'no makeup' make up look," she said. "I like artificial things and I think that's what we are. I think civilization is artificial, otherwise we would be living in trees and it's wonderful walking in shoes."

Westwood's creations will be on display at Selfridges permanent arts space, the Ultralounge, until September 22.

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Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood/Selfridges