03/09/2010 09:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Which Sneaky Hotel Charges Make Your Blood Boil?

When is a fantastic hotel bargain not a fantastic hotel bargain? When you suddenly get hit with all kinds of unexpected extras on your bill - and there's nothing that annoys us quite as much as having to pay for wifi. (Unless it's discovering we've got to fork out the 'free' toiletries, too.)


More than three-quarters of us resent being charged for wireless internet - with disgruntled reports of some hotels charging a whopping £20 just to let you check your email - but it seems there's no limit to the unexpected charges that get added to the bill, according to a survey of 1,815 people by

So what tops your list? Paying more for car parking spaces seems to be a quick way to annoy, then there's the dilemma about the bottle of water in the room. Is it complimentary? Bet you a fiver it's not - and 70% of us really don't want to get billed for that.

And it doesn't stop there. Two other bugbears were paying for towels in the hotel gym and being charged for toiletries, so it seems there's no innovative way to fleece us that some hotels haven't already thought of.

For stylish MyDaily readers, toiletries are a hot topic - being presented with one multipurpose bottle, or getting shampoo but no conditioner is a sure way to ruffle your feathers.

High up on the list is outrageous mini bar prices. £5 for a chocolate bar? We don't think so. But the worst hotel extra MyDaily's ever paid for is the one we didn't even have in the first place - caught out by the ultra-sneaky mini bars with movement sensors.

Shuffling a few bottles around to keep those sensible supermarket purchases cool meant it had suddenly recorded a drinking session that would put a rock star to shame, all itemised on the bill at check-out. It's enough to make you break open the overpriced macadamia nuts and start comfort eating.

So what's the charge that really makes your blood boil and jaw drop? Share your pain...