08/09/2010 13:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Do You Drink Just To Get Drunk?

Come on, admit it. Do you ever go out with the express intention of drinking until you can't remember what day it is? According to the alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware, one in three young adults admit they drink for one purpose - to get hammered.

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Not just that, but almost a third say they can't remember how they get home after a booze-fuelled night out. Some also claim their drinking gets so out of hand that they end up in hospital, while others wind up having a dodgy one-night stand because they've had too much alcohol.

It's not exactly the image of sensible drinking the former government had in mind when it introduced 24-hour opening times almost five years ago.

Drinkaware's campaign, entitled Why Let Good Times Go Bad? aims to tackle binge drinking. So from this month you can expect to see posters in pubs, shopping centres and train stations highlighting tips on how to drink smart, such as how to pace yourself and the importance of looking after your mates while you're out.

But is that really enough? Will a few posters and slogans on beer mats really help change attitudes to binge drinking in this country?

The Drinkaware survey involved young adults aged 18-24. But do adults in their late twenties and thirties, particularly women, also drink to get drunk on a regular basis?

When was the last time you got drunk (and did you regret it afterwards)? And if you do so regularly, are you worried what it might be doing to your health?