08/09/2010 13:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Katie Price Is Unrecognisable On The Cover Of Wonderland

Aitken Jolly for Wonderland magazine

As we set about preparing for the launch of MyDaily we laid down some basic ground rules. After all it is important to know what you stand for as a publication. Central to our 'manifesto': no matter how many new names she gives herself we don't cover Jordan. Not now, not ever, not for any reason. And yet here we are just a week after launch writing about the person who should be topping our blacklist.

That's the thing about Jordan, she's like a Krispy Kreme doughnut. You know it is really bad for you and after each bite you guiltily swear it will be your last, and yet they are just so tempting that life long ban is nearly impossible to impose.

Before you condemn us, a word in our defence. We are only making mention of Ms Price because she has popped up somewhere we never expected to find her: the cover of hipster bible Wonderland magazine.

The glamour model turned media mogul looks almost unrecognisable on the mag's 5th anniversary addition (a difficult feat when you consider she is Britain's most photographed woman) and it only gets less Jordan-y the more pages you turn.

The shoot is something you would expect to see from the likes of Rihanna or Lara Stone certainly not from Jordan. Ditching her signature cartoon Barbie look, Price was shot by Aitken Jolly in edgy black and white drenched in sweat and perhaps most surprisingly, donning baggy duds. As much as it pains us to admit it, she looks both high fashion and simply beautiful.

In her interview Price states "I have no idea why everybody is so interested in me." Yesterday we would have agreed with her but today we find ourselves intrigued. That perhaps is Katie Price's biggest (only?) talent: capturing people's interest. Before you knock it, take a second to think about the rarity of a Page 3 girl amassing a £40 million fortune. Clearly there is more to Jordan that meets the eye and if she is finally prepared to show it, she may even get herself permanently off the MyDaily blacklist.

Aitken Jolly for Wonderland magazine

Wonderland goes on sale nationwide on Thursday September 9th at WHSmith and all good independent newsagents