09/09/2010 11:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Do His Dance Moves Turn You On?

With the new series of Strictly Come Dancing just a few days away (hurrah), the burning question of the moment is, does your partner make you swoon when he leads you to the dance floor?

Flickr, Eddi 07

Psychologists from Northumbria University claim to have pinned down the male dance moves that apparently make women go weak at the knees. By tracking the motion of male volunteers - just like they do in the movies - the scientists created featureless animations of them dancing, which they showed to a group of female volunteers.

Without being able to judge the male dancers by their looks, the women rated the little animated men's dance moves on a scale of one to seven. The results, published in the journal Biology, might surprise you.

Out of all the moves the psychologists mapped, the ones that the female volunteers found the most attractive were large and variable movements of the neck and torso, as well as fast bending and twisting of the right knee. Not the left knee but the right knee.

So why do women like men who are good dancers anyway? Some experts think it's because if a man moves well on the dance floor, he's more likely to have the right moves in the bedroom too.

If, however, your partner isn't exactly Ricky Whittle on the dance floor (or off it), this autumn's Strictly line-up might at least offer some consolation, with Jimi Mistry (The Guru, East is East), EastEnders' Scott Maslen and rugby hunk (and former Mr Charlotte Church) Gavin Henson providing the eye candy.

Will you be watching?