09/09/2010 07:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Slugs, Snails And Puppy Dog Tales: Stop All The Clocks

There are some moments during my sons' childhood that I wish I could slow down to make them last that little bit longer. The age that my twins are at right now is one of those precious phases I am desperate to hang onto.

These fleeting few months when they make the transition from baby to toddler are so packed with adorable episodes I want to store them up to get me through the terrible twos that I know are lurking just around the corner.

I love the garbled baby talk, the way Jonah still walks like a drunkard on the way home after a heavy night, the way they are beginning to appreciate a bedtime story; poking baby fingers under the pop up flaps and laughing in delight at what they find.

I love that they are both still enough of a baby to snuggle up into my shoulder for a rest when they are sleepy. But I also love their growing independence as they learn to feed themselves, to master going up and down stairs and to wheel around the park on their brand new Scuttlebug scooter.

I drink up every example of their nascent personalities, learning more about who they will become with every passing day. I have an inkling that my calm baby Zach might develop into a high maintenance boy.

His favourite thing to do right now is grab a toy and fling it across the room. He then sits in state waiting for someone (usually his big brother Jacob who idolises him) to return it to him. If it is not delivered fast enough he wails like an air raid siren until someone jumps to attention and does his bidding quick smart.

Jonah on the other hand has morphed from a stroppy screeching baby into a peaceful and thoughtful toddler. Learning to walk seems to have soothed his soul and he is easy as pie to entertain as he waddles busily around the house pushing his toys around in a play pushchair.

I am just glad that I can store up these memories to help during those more trying interludes when I wish I could ram my finger down on a fast forward button and get through them as quickly as possible.