10/09/2010 12:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Signs It's Over


You thought he was the love of your life - but recently things haven't been quite so fairytale romance. Is it a comfortable couple rut or time to move on?

Here's the 10 signs that your relationship has run its course.

You can't bear him to touch you.
We're not talking about feigning a headache when you're not in the mood, or those sex lulls that every couple has. If the thought of him even holding your hand makes your skin crawl, it's almost impossible to recover from. If everything else is still going well, it's time to take an urgent look at why this physical intimacy repulses you – and consider counselling. Otherwise, you need to have that talk...

You leave notes on the fridge instead of sitting down to chat.
We all lead hectic lives – but if you're talking through magnetic letters (or texts, emails and post-it notes), that's not a relationship, that's a house-share. Chances are you're both busy leading your own lives already without space for the other. Best case scenario? Tell him you want to spend more time together. And do it face to face.

He calls you someone else's name.
In bed, over toast, wherever. Unless there's a seriously good excuse (and amnesia is the only one that springs to mind), he's already moved on. Whether it's an ex, the new colleague he's been babbling about or Megan Fox, if he's not thinking about you, why waste your time?

His Facebook status says 'It's complicated'.
Take the hint...

He irritates you constantly.
Remember all those cute little habits he had when you first got together? The ones which now make you grit your teeth? No, he hasn't got more annoying - your love blindness has lifted and you're seeing his adorable quirks the way the rest of us do.

You don't want to arrange a holiday. For next month.
Unless it's a money issue, there's a reason you don't want to commit to any future plans – you're not expecting to be there. In which case, why wait?

You're always sneering at him – or vice versa.
Every relationship needs to be able to make fun of itself from time to time, but if you're putting him down, it's only going to get worse. Contempt is one of the most corrosive emotions, and why would you stay with someone you don't respect?

When you go out, it's only to the cinema.
Who doesn't love a good film? But every date? You might as well say, I don't want to talk to you any more – so there's nothing else to say except byeeee.

He's not your honeybun any more.
OK, so pet names make the rest of us feel nauseous, but whether you're out and proud about your cuddle-bear or a secret fan of your lovemuffin, once these terms of endearment start to disappear, it can be a sign the feelings have slipped away too.

He didn't call to say he wasn't coming home last night – and you weren't bothered.
Seriously? No images of him wrapped around another woman, or lying injured in a ditch? There's nothing wrong with a night out with the lads, but if you're not fussed when he fails to reappear without a word, why are you even together?