14/09/2010 05:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

101 Uses For A Dedicated Dad: Music

I'm pretty keen on music and have wide and varied tastes, and a decent record collection (a lot on vinyl, plus all that new fangled digital stuff). I've managed to impart some of my preferences to my oldest son, and not only is he learning the electric guitar, but sounds of Hendrix, Clapton and Steely Dan riffs also float out of his bedroom.

Not that I didn't try and get him to play something else, but not a note came out of the flute we were loaned, while the extent of his piano virtuosity was to find middle C. Even the recorder was a peep too far.

Still, he's pretty good on guitar and my record collection is seeing new life, and I have earnest conversations with him about rock history and gigs I've been to, and I took him and some friends to a one day festival for his birthday.

My main interests now are jazz, reggae and classical, and I've tried to play these in the car with the smaller boys. But no – what they want is something they call 'cool music' and they kick up a lot of fuss until they get the only thing they've heard they like, which is an old ZZ Top compilation I found in the car.

Now we can't even go to the shops without a rendition of 'Cheap Sunglasses', with a chorus of 'Oh yeahs' coming from the back, while the less said about the lyrics of 'La Grange' and 'Tush', the better.

Seems to me I've gone a bit wrong somewhere as it was only recently they were still on Old Macdonald's Farm. Now they are grooving to 1970's cuts of a weird bearded southern USA blues-rock band.

Still, it could be a lot worse. Imagine my pain if that CD found under the car seat had been a Chris de Burgh album, and if through some dreadful breakdown in genetic inheritance, they liked it.