15/09/2010 10:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Blog Of The Week: Textbook

Textbook imagine's Veruca Salt's taste in fashion. Courtesy of Textbook

The lowdown: Textbook isn't just a fashion blog; it touches on fashion's connection with art, history and music too. It's main focus however, is the relationship between fashion and literature. Blogger John aims to "show [their] connection by styling bite size editorials of your favourite heroes and heroines", and he does just that by assigning the very best looks from the catwalk to well-known literary figures.

What we love: Not only does Textbook allow us to imagine our most beloved fictional figures in modern day life, the outfit selection for each character is spot on every time. Lady Macbeth in Balmain? Alice (of Alice in Wonderland) in Marc by Marc Jacobs? Perfect.

Look out for:
Amongst the 'what would...wear' posts are plenty of short snippets that will keep you up to date and make you smile. This is our current favourite.