15/09/2010 06:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Cheryl Turns Prima Ballerina For New Video

Photo: Polydor

We've had a sneaking suspicion for some time that ballet and fashion are destined to be autumn's most stylish bedfellows.

From Natalie Portman striking some super-sultry poses in ballet thriller Black Swan (complete with Rodarte-designed tutus), to the Ballets Russes exhibition set to open at the V&A, it seems that pliés and arabesques have never been so hip. And now that Ms Cole is on board, there's simply no turning back.

Cheryl, who is in fact a classically trained ballet dancer, wears a stunning diaphanous shell pink dress and pointes, with her hair scraped back into a bun for her new video Promise This.

A vision of poise and elegance, it's a far cry from the velour tracksuits favoured in the early days of Girls Aloud - and post-Ashley and post-Malaria, we couldn't be happier to see Cheryl getting things back on track.

Promise This is released October 24.