21/09/2010 11:24 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Blast Spots With The Acne Patch

Acne may well be associated with hormonal teenagers, but an increasing number of adult women are developing this embarrassing skin condition - an estimated 20%, according to experts. But unlike teenagers, grown-up women suffering from acne don't have the dubious comfort of knowing they'll grow out of it.

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There is of course already a range of creams, lotions, cleansers, scrubs, specialist lamps and prescription pills available for acne. But a new treatment dubbed 'the acne patch', which claims to work overnight, could be what spot sufferers everywhere have been waiting for.

The patch is currently being trialled, but tests already carried out suggests it may get rid of spots within three days. It looks just like an ordinary plaster, but once the patch comes into contact with your skin it produces a tiny electrical charge, which kills the bacteria that cause spots.

Also included in the patch is salicylic acid - a substance found in many spot treatments as it helps unclog pores that have been blocked up with dead skin cells.

The idea is that you wear the patch overnight (which is good news for anyone who suffers from facial acne) or for a period of six hours. And if the current trials go as planned, the acne patch could be available within two years.

Until then, women who have more than their fair share of spots will just have to persevere with creams such as benzoyl peroxide or prescription treatments such as the pill.

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