27/09/2010 06:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Textile Repairs In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Let's face it, it's often hard enough to find the time to get to the dry cleaner for the clothes we need every day. So it's truly a rarity if any of us ever gets round to taking our bulky, raggedy-hemmed curtains, beloved but moth-eaten blanket or split cushion covers to the tailor.

Instead, (and unless this is just me), we either wait for the next visit from our mum and her sewing machine, or throw away the offending items and start again. Neither is ideal, but now there's another option: pile up your distressed textiles in a corner and call Seamstress Squad.

Launched this month, Seamstress Squad is a handy new service that comes to your home and takes the hassle and time out of alterations and mending.

Julia Dee, founder of London-based professional alterations business Designer Alterations explains: "The idea for Seamstress Squad is simple – it's an easy to use service for the time-poor customer that encourages more people to recycle, mend and save textiles. Every home has the odd mending job that no one ever gets round to doing. It may seem too small to bother with a trip to the tailors, or maybe it's too bulky or complicated to sort out. Whatever the reason, there are too many people who see a hole or fixable damage and throw away items or hide them in a cupboard."

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