28/09/2010 11:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Warning: Your Computer's Making You Look Old

Health experts have been warning us for some time about the perils of sitting too long at our computers. It can be particularly bad for your eyesight, for instance, and sitting still all day isn't going to help if you need to shift some weight.

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And now a leading cosmetic surgeon has come up with another desktop danger. Women who spend a long time in front of their computers are developing what Dr Michael Prager describes as 'computer face'.

Office workers, he says, are the most likely group of women to display premature signs of ageing, including frown lines, crows' feet and saggy jowls. And there's a reason why.

According to Dr Prager, many women frown or squint without realising it when they're at their computer. And if your screen is too low, looking down all day could shorten your neck muscle, causing a saggy neck and chin.

But if giving up your day job isn't an option, how can you prevent 'computer face'? Taking regular screen breaks and stretching your neck muscles may help, suggests Dr Prager.

And if you tend to frown or squint when you're concentrating, put a mirror next to your screen - the sight of yourself looking grumpy may help you ditch the habit. Alternatively, install a webcam and set up a live window of yourself on your screen (which may also shock you into pulling fewer faces).

If all else fails, there's always Botox, says Dr Prager (well he would say that, since he's a Botox specialist).

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