12/10/2010 23:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gap Scraps New Logo, Brings Blue Box Back

Gap old log new logo

On second thought... Gap reverts back to its beloved old logo (right).

Scrap it.

In a stunning show of the power of the people, Gap is returning to its original blue box logo and abandoning its new version featuring a floating blue box.

The revamped logo was covertly spread out through the Internet four days ago with no comment from the company. After seeing the initial negative response from customers and loads of negative reports from the media, the company made a statement on its Facebook page explaining what it was and why the change came about.

Late last night, Gap posted the following on Facebook: "Ok. We've heard loud and clear that you don't like the new logo. We've learned a lot from the feedback. We only want what's best for the brand and our customers. So instead of crowd sourcing, we're bringing back the Blue Box tonight."

In a supporting press statement, the company goes further: "At Gap brand, our customers have always come first. We've been listening to and watching all of the comments this past week. We heard them say over and over again they are passionate about our blue box logo, and they want it back. So we've made the decision to do just that - we will bring it back across all channels.

"In the meantime, the Web site will go back to our iconic blue box logo."

The company does, however, lay the groundwork for another change.

"For Holiday, we'll turn our blue box red for our seasonal campaign."

This exercise in rebranding will go down in history as a real show of the power that new media (the blogs and social media outlets) can harness when mobilized.

Now if they could only mobilize for real good...