20/10/2010 02:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

First Words: Slugs Snails And Puppy Dog Tales

While Jonah and Zach may still be at the babbling stage, there are a few distinct words that can be picked out amongst the goo goos and ga gas. Well, when I say words, what I mean is demands of course, as these are the first things babies seem to learn.

All my boys have mastered the art of a stubborn 'No', long before they wrapped their tongues around the agreeable 'Yes'. Next in their vocabulary was invariably 'More". This said while emphatically holding out a hand, plate or cup in anticipation of this Oliver Twist-style demand being met instantly by their willing slave of a parent.
Other words that are beginning to enter the twins' lexicon include 'Apple', said not because they want some fruit, but because we have spent many happy hours picking up the windfalls from trees in our garden and flinging them into our compost bin. I just have to open the garden door for them to be rushing at me happily muttering 'Apple, apple". I just hope they enjoy the River Cottage inspired apple compote I made with it as much.

In fact despite my well-documented fights over feeding , food words seem to be the first to come. We have 'Dooce' for juice and 'Toat' for toast and 'Radin' for rasins already.

But to my shame my boys' telly addiction has worsened and the word that is said with the most glee and excitement at the moment is without a doubt 'Beebies'. Just this morning I found Jonah sitting on the sofa, stabbing away at the remote control, bouncing up and down shouting 'Beebies, beebies, beebies mummy'.
Oh the shame.