20/10/2010 14:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Six Of The Best: Living Room Rugs Under £500

Choosing the perfect rug to compliment those beautifully polished floorboards can be a time-consuming and bewildering, not to mention expensive, experience. Should you go for a bold injection of colour or keep it understated and neutral? Add some texture or go sleek and smooth? Patterned or plain?

Whatever your preference, we've gathered together the best in breeds at a reasonable price, to save you the bother:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=943253&pid=943252&uts=1287032447

6 of the Best: Living room rugs under £500

A trend on the catwalk, as well as the coolest homes everywhere, add a bold block of colour and a splash of interest with a retro edge. Guaranteed to liven-up any minimalist space.

Braid rug in yellow by BS Studio for Hay, £159.99 (80cm x 140cm), £449.99 (140cm x 200cm), SCP

6 of the Best: Living room rugs under £500

As pretty as a picture, this is the perfect choice for art-lovers everywhere.

Jewel rug by I2K, £422.50 (150cm x 225cm), One Deko

6 of the Best: Living room rugs under £500

Made up of inch-long angular felted block pile, if it's texture rather than colour you're after, then look no further. Feels great underfoot and adds another dimension to the room, even in this muted grey tone.

Gravel rug, £399 (140cm x 200cm), WovenGround

6 of the Best: Living room rugs under £500

If you need interest and pattern, but already have enough in the way of colour, this 1960s pop art-inspired print could be perfect.

Wriggle rug, 240cm x 170cm, £495, John Lewis

6 of the Best: Living room rugs under £500

Hand woven using cowhides and flashes of metallic foil, this rug is perfect for injecting subtle glamour into any space.

Rodeo Metallic rug, £336.99, (120cm x 180cm) The Rug Seller

6 of the Best: Living room rugs under £500

Sometimes, something just works even when instinct says it shouldn't. This poster child for shabby chic, with its colossal cluster of hand woven roses, could be all you need to transform your living room from so-so to so beautiful.

Grandiflora rug, £438, (150cm x 210cm), Anthropologie

6 of the Best: Living room rugs under £500

Or maybe you know exactly the rug you want, but just can't find it anywhere – why not create your own? Click here to explore rug couture.