22/10/2010 12:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boutique Of The Week: Smug

There are certain shops you wish were yours and I so wish Smug were mine. The creative mind behind this gorgeous lifestyle boutique is interior and graphic designer Lizzie Evans, who has filled her North London shop with all her favourite things. We had a quick word to find out what inspires her.

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How do you decide what to stock in the shop?

I travel a lot. I'm just back from New York and am planning soon to go to Buenos Aires. Before I opened the shop I travelled and built contacts all around the world. I do like to keep a certain amount of stock locally sourced too - and now that the shop is open, people have started to come to me with what they're doing, which is fantastic.

What are your current favourite items?

Sets of four drinking bowls made by French potter, Natalie Colombel, which are exclusive to Smug. They're a green/grey with splashes of orange where copper from another bowl jumped over onto them in the kiln – I love that. Each set of four is different. I also love the Welsh blankets we have – the makers save and recycle leftover wool to make them that would otherwise be wasted. The blankets are neutral but with random shots of colour through them which is really nice.

And your best sellers?

The blankets sell really well as they're so well-priced and the vintage furniture flies out. It's actually getting harder and harder to find. I just love the use of colour in the 1950s and 60s pieces - beautiful soft colours that just fit in so easily without it seeming like too much colour.

Is your own home filled with stuff from the shop?

Some, yes. A lot of what I have at home is stuff I've collected over the years, but yes - there is definite overlap!

Smug is packed with all sorts of home-envy-inducing delights, from fantastically quirky toys (bunnies made from vintage jumpers anyone?) to cushions, cutlery, stationery and vintage furniture - there's even some make-up and jewellery thrown in to complete the perfect retail package. And don't panic that there's no shopping basket on the site, just call the shop or send them an email with your order and all will be well. Take a look and prepare to feel smug.

Smug, 13 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA, 020 73540253, Email: