28/10/2010 19:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

What A Drag: James Franco Fronts Candy Magazine

Candy magazine

Is there anything that James Franco can't do? His latest offerings include Palo Alto, a collection of short stories being released on October 19, and a starring role as Allen Ginsberg in the film Howl. And now, it turns out, he looks pretty good in lipstick.

Shot by Terry Richardson (who else?), Franco appears in drag on the cover of the autumn issue of Candy. The magazine, for those that don't know, describes itself as "the world's first transversal style magazine". On the cover, the actor wears a tuxedo and gold choker and black leather gloves, with red lips, false lashes and heavy blue eyeshadow.

He might not be in the same league as Kate Moss, but love the fact he's bucking the conventional Hollywood male stereotype. What do you think of Franco's new look? Love it or loathe it?