28/10/2010 08:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Why Your Holiday's Suddenly Getting More Expensive

Getty/Sami Sarkis

That cheap holiday you had planned could suddenly be about to get a lot pricier - but most travellers have no idea that flight costs are due to rise from November 1 because of an increase in airline tax.

For anyone flying out of the UK, Air Passenger Duty or APD is rising from next month by up to 50 of the travel deals we check simply don't include taxes in the price. This means that travellers need to be extra wary and make sure the price they expect to pay doesn't massively increase when they get to a page of taxes. We won't feature deals from any travel company that doesn't publish taxes and charges up front."

So plan ahead, suggests flight comparison website Skyscanner, as there are ways to play the system. Flying long-haul via a European hub, rather than direct from the UK, will take you longer – but it's one way to avoid the increased APD.