04/11/2010 13:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Achtung Baby Or SpongeBob

Whilst the obsession over gargantuan flat screens doesn't seem as commonplace here as in the UK, most households do have a telly of some form. We don't. Finje is permited to watch DVDs on my laptop occasionally but we are particular about content. Until this morning our decision to go goggle-box free has gone undisputed.

Then, over weetabix,

"Why don't we have a television? Everyone else has a television"

A fair question.

The problem is Finje's hectic social life. Most days she gets invited (or invites herself) to a friend's house to "play". I can't control what other people have on TV, nor would I wish to. That said, had I the appropriate contacts, the way or means, I would eradicate SpongeBob from the face of the earth.

He's called Schwamkopf here and manages somehow, in German, to be even more annoying. SpongeBob is the embodiment of why I detest 9920engine-world/" target="_blank">sat in front of the telly. Her nod, that I took to be one of assent, had me preening my good parenting feathers.

Leaving the table she asked if she could have her paint box as she wanted to paint a picture. "See", I said, all pompous-like, "that's much better than wasting your time on TV." She nodded (sadly), grabbed her paint box and ascended the stairs. Just as I was giving myself a pat on the back for avoiding another Mumfail, I heard a muffled,

"I'd rather watch telly though"