06/11/2010 13:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Three Million Women Injured By Killer Heels

Has your passion for vertiginous footwear ever landed you in hot water? If so, you're not alone. According to a UK survey, more than three million women have required medical attention - some have even had to go to hospital - because of an injury caused by wearing killer heels. That's right, three million.

High heels can cause injury High heels: is the agony worth it? Photo: Flickr, Amy the Nurse

The survey, carried out by Hotter Shoes, reads like a catalogue of foot-related disasters, with injuries including twisted ankles, broken wrists and even broken teeth caused by stiletto wearers toppling and landing flat on their faces. Ouch.

You've got to ask yourself if it's worth it when 61 admitted their shoes had been so painful, it had completely ruined their night out.

It's not the first time high heels have been in the news for causing injuries. But despite the torture they put us through we just can't give them up, the survey suggests. Out of the 3,000 women who took part in the poll, only 2 said no matter how much agony they caused, they'd keep wearing heels if they were complimented on their choice of footwear during a night out.

Hopefully that doesn't mean compliments from the opposite sex, since an earlier study suggests men don't even notice what type of shoes we're wearing anyway.

Are you a slave to your heels? What's your worst heel-related disaster (and have you managed to recover from it)?

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