11/11/2010 11:48 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

I Tried It: The Roxy Sno Fit Workout

Despite all the après ski, you don't see many podgy skiers heading down the slopes. So it's surprising there aren't more gym classes based on the sport.

Virgin Active

Now Virgin Active's new workout, Roxy Sno Fit, has been created by the trainers behind the Roxy professional snowboarding team, using the kind of moves which keep them in shape, as well as mimicking the exercise your body gets on the mountains.

So whether you're shaping up for the winter season or you've never been closer to the snow than looking at pictures of your local dry ski slope, at least you can get a body you'd be proud to show off in salopettes.

Divided into three sections, with a warm-up and yoga-style warm down, this isn't the kind of class where you just prettily imagine yourself chilling out in sunglasses with the Alps in the background. This is hard work!

Even the warm-up packs in a string of variations on squats, and you'll find yourself holding a 'toboggan' position (somewhere between a crunch and a sit-up) while you have the rest of the exercises explained to you.

For the main section, the class splits into four groups, working your way around the studio for eight different exercises. Two use ViPRs, those faintly innocent-looking pipes whose weight will turn your arms to jelly as you push them into the air.

Two more use Gliding Discs, small circular mats which slip and slide around the floor, so you can pretend to ski and slalom from side to side. There's also some cardio and core work to give you a head to toe fitness boost, before the final warm-down yoga-based finale, stretching out tight muscles.

After 45 minutes, even the pro skiers were heard to mutter, that was tough! And the next morning I discovered arm and back muscles I barely knew I had. It might not be as fun as a week in Val d'Isere, but burning 400-500 calories per class, it really will beat you into shape.

Whether you finish up with hot chocolate and fondue is entirely up to you...

Available at Virgin Active gyms nationwide from October 11.