11/11/2010 12:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

My Stylish Life: Amy Molyneaux, Co-Founder Of PPQ

Amy Molyneaux Courtesy of Amy Molyneaux

Amy Molyneaux is one half of PPQ, a label that has become one of London's biggest fashion successes of today. With a string of celebrity followers - Rihanna, Sienna Miller and Daisy Lowe are just a few, PPQ's designs have become the fashion insider's first port of call when searching for a modern, vibrant look.

MyDaily spoke to the style guru to find out more about her design inspirations.

Where is your favourite city and why?
London. People always want to come here. When I went to Russia, I noticed that everyone wants to come to London. Otherwise, my favourite city would be Shanghai - it felt like there was a revolution going on there. I like places that are changing.

Which designers you most admire?
People who make profitable businesses out of their creativity.

What do you love the most about your job?
Nothing! No, I love the different sides to the job - working on events, collaborations, we're always free to come up with new and interesting ideas.

Describe your style in three words
We have a set phrase for that here: 'It's a pretty personal question'. It's centred around the brand but some people get easily offended by it!

What's the best outfit you've ever worn?
I've got loads - I had a tuxedo tailor made in Hong Kong. I lost it but I still have the hot pants I had made out of the leftover material.

Amy's Lyla glass for BitterSweet

What's your favourite fashion era?
The sixties, but not the plastic fantastic stuff though. I like the way it's achievable and I found it easy to access when I was younger.

Which fashion magazines/blogs do you read?
I don't have time! I read some of my friend's blogs. I actually like Moira Benigson's stuff! I don't want to read about fashion stuff that's too flowery, I want to hear about how something is making someone money.

What's your most treasured item in your wardrobe?
A pair of YSL platform shoes. I keep having them cleaned so they look good as new again.

What's your must-have accessory for autumn/winter?
Can I say a coat?! Actually, it's a silk neck scarf I got from China

You travel frequently, what are you packing tips?
Pack as little as possible. I hate having to pack and unpack. I like taking shoe bags for keeping things in though.

Who or what is your style inspiration?
Family and media when I was younger. From my granny's Christmas jumpers to watching my brother get ready for a date, those are things that make an impact.

Which trend should we be watching out for next season?
Do you mean in a good or a bad way? There's a big idyllic trend which features lots of white. It will look great on holiday but once you've washed it and left it at the bottom of your wash basket, it's not so good.

After a putting on a brilliant show at London Fashion Week in September, Amy's latest project has seen her put her designer skills to a different use. She has been working with the BitterSweet partnership to create Lyla, a beer glass for women.